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This is a centralized collection of documents approved by Friends in Ohio Yearly Meeting. We hope to make these documents – especially the minutes of our various decision-making bodies – available to the wider world. While these documents can sometimes be a little dry, reading them is one of the best ways to understand what we are up to – short of coming to visit us, of course!

Our Book of Discipline

The Book of Discipline of Ohio Yearly Meeting is probably the most important document that we have. It is the core statement of our shared understandings as a community. The Book of Discipline contains explanations about how we conduct ourselves as Friends, how we understand the nature of our community, and the beliefs that undergird our practical Christian faith. For those seeking to understand the faith and practice of Friends in Ohio Yearly Meeting, this is probably the best place to start. We invite you to read it online.

Yearly Meeting Minutes

Each year, in the month of August, we gather in Barnesville, Ohio for the annual gathering of Ohio Yearly Meeting. In addition to shared worship, fellowship and fun, it is at this time that we make the most important decisions for our community as a whole. These deliberations and decisions are recorded in minutes. These recorded decisions are very precious to us, because they reflect our sense of how God is guiding us together at that particular moment in time. While God may eventually guide us to amend our decisions, this is the fullest measure of light that we have received as a community in Christ.

Quaker Writings

Crossroads Meeting in Flint, Michigan, has put together an extensive collection of online works that many will find helpful in explore the distinctive Quaker approach to Christian faith. Here, you can access both historical and contemporary documents that will spur devotion and contemplation.

Hall and Joan Worthington have compiled, scanned and updated the language of a very large volume of early Quaker writings, including the full works of George Fox. This is a profound resource for those looking to explore the revolutionary Quaker movement that blazed across the English-speaking world in the 17th century, and which continues to speak to the spiritual condition of many today.

Historical Documents

The Synopsis of Principles and Testimonies of Conservative Friends was authored and approved in the early 20th century by representatives of all of the Conservative Friends bodies in existence at that time. This document serves as an historical window into the faith of Conservative Friends one century ago.